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Empanada-licious! S. Florida Food Part 2

November 29, 2009



Although having been to this area many, many times I never seemed to notice the little piece of heaven that lies within the Las Olas Riverfront Shopping Center: EMPANADAS!  Within the walls of this cute little shop there awaited dozens upon dozens of handmade empanadas.  All staring at us from their perch in the windows.  Some were filled with ham & cheese, some with chicken & spinach & some were even filled with sirloin but they all had one thing in common: a delicious golden brown pastry holding them in.  Suffice to say that our mouths were watering even before we stepped one foot in the door!

The empanadas are handmade right there in the shop by a couple of older Argentine ladies who use traditional recipes as the basis for all of their delicious fillings.  Because they have so many fillings. the ladies gave each empanada its own ‘look’ so when their all placed on the display trays they could distinguish a Ham & Cheese from a Hawaiian.  They do this by crimping the dough in all sorts of ways giving each flavor it’s own unique look.

They are served simply in a paper container with plastic silverware and what I found to be one of the most fragrant and delicious chimichurri sauces on the side.  Here’s a couple shots of chimichurri laden empanadas and my friend Carla and I enjoying them.



Chicken & Spinach Empanada


Chef Carla Silva


Chef Carla Silva

What I found odd was they also sell pizza, burgers, salads and gourmet sandwiches.  I don’t know why because the reason to go to this place is what they were named for, Empanadas.  I didn’t realized they had other choices on the menu until I ate my two empanadas I allowed myself.  I had to be careful not to over eat because I was about to get on a plane and was afraid I wouldn’t fit in my seat!  It was a tough decision not to buy some empanadas for later.  At only $3.95 each, these puffy pockets of yumminess economically sound and fantastically delicious! Ask my friend Carla, she took four back home with her!  Oh, they also serve beer.  The perfect accompaniment to a real Argentine Empanada!

Next time you’re in Ft. Lauderdale take a trip to this place.  It’s definitely worth the trip!  (954-463-2686)



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  1. Amy D permalink
    November 29, 2009 3:10 PM

    I could eat my way through that window display! I LOVE empanadas and those look fabulous. Not greasy and stuffed with all the fillings I love…now I’ll have to make some :)

  2. Carla permalink
    December 20, 2009 12:37 AM

    LOL…I love the pics!! Man, those empanadas were the bomb!! can’t wait til you come back and we can explore more delicious and tantilizing cuisines.

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